Most Endureed synthetic thatch roofs end up on buildings and accessory structures for resorts, amusement parks and businesses, but that doesn’t mean a roofing contractor couldn’t build a beautifully unique artificial thatch roof for a homeowner. Imagine living in a stone or brick home, a cottage in the woods or a beachfront home adorned with a natural looking thatch roof.

In the market for a new roof? What’s stopping you from choosing an extraordinary roof over an ordinary roof?

Endureed’s synthetic thatch roofs look and feel like natural thatch, but are maintenance-free. We have a 20-year warranty on our roofing material and it stands up to strong storms and the elements as good (and often better than) traditional roofing material.

Homes With Synthetic Thatch Look Stunning!

Perhaps you have considered a unique thatch roof, but the hassles and costs of natural thatch have prevented you from getting the look you want on your home or vacation home. Thankfully, in just a few years, our synthetic thatch becomes less costly than natural thatch.

Contact Endureed or ask your contractor to contact Endureed if you would like to take the leap from ordinary to extraordinary with a synthetic thatch roof for your residence or vacation home.

Author: Endureed