Endureed customers don’t have to worry about thatch slippage. Just because our roofs look identical to natural thatched roofs doesn’t mean they share the same problems. One of the major problems that can come up with a natural thatch roof is slippage. The thatch will actually slip out of place.

What Causes Thatch Slippage On Natural Thatch Roofs?

Master thatchers report that some thatched roof owners ask about slippage. Why does it happen? Can it be prevented? This is not something resort owners or hotel owners should have to worry about. Unfortunately, some business owners still choose natural thatch. After time, thatch can slip as the roof ages. This slippage usually happens along the edges of a natural thatch roof. Very strong winds can also cause it to move and slip out of place, requiring repair. This can be prevented with carefully installed wire netting, but business owners don’t usually like the look of wire netting.

That’s where our products come in. Our products do not have the same limitations as natural thatch. They look and feel just like natural thatch, but they are hassle-free.  They are supremely resistant to strong winds. Endureed synthetic thatch can even withstand hurricane-force winds. It also doesn’t slip with age. Our roofing material is exceptionally durable. Plus, our synthetic thatch is designed to last for  at least decades looking as nice as the day it’s installed. Our roofs do not require any wire netting whatsoever. (Not even for pests. Pests do not hide or live in our roofs.)


We’d be happy to show you how Endureed can provide you with the perfect synthetic thatch roofing for your business.

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Author: Endureed