3 buildings that look better with synthetic thatch Synthetic thatch is the way to go, whether you’re operating a tropical resort or a beachfront restaurant.

3 Buildings That Just Look Better With Synthetic Thatch

Tiki Huts on the Beach

Resorts and beach-front commercial properties can benefit from synthetic thatch roofs in place of traditional thatch for on tiki huts. Synthetic thatch roofs have the same visual appeal, but they require much less maintenance, providing a tropical theme without the frequent (and sometimes high) costs of replacing natural thatch roofs that wear out quickly.

Tropical-Themed Restaurants

Restaurants with a tropical theme have a certain appeal, and having a thatch roof is part of the package. Synthetic thatch roofs are much easier to maintain while still providing for the thematic appeal that draws diners. It’s a win-win situation for business owners.

Tropical-Themed Shops

Surf shops, beach and island stores can profit from modern décor options, and a synthetic thatch roof is a must-have to immerse shoppers in the theme.


Whether you’re operating a resort in the tropics or you have a rental shack on the beach, a synthetic thatch roof might be perfect for you.

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Angie Johnston
Author: Angie Johnston