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Thatched roofs evoke images of exotic locations, relaxation, and casual luxury—and many resorts, hotels, and other businesses want to provide that aesthetic for guests.

Durable, Reliable, and Attractive Thatched Roof Material

The Endureed Regions Series of thatched roof material allows you to recreate the look, color, and feel of native natural thatches from any region of the world. Our top-quality roofing materials are unmatched by any other brand, providing you with an attractive, natural-looking product that stands the test of time.


made from fireproof materials

withstand category 5 hurricane winds

100% rain, snow and rot proof

time-tested color that lasts for decades

guaranteed 20 year warranty

made in the usa

Palma Sintética VIVA

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South Pacific Islands

A finer grass thatch designed to resemble the appearance of various Balinese and Japanese thatching

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South Africa

A coarsely textured and longer reed recreates the look and feel of "Cape Reed" African grass thatch.

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The stunning dark color blend and closer spacing make this product perfect for a weathered, hand trimmed, traditional African Safari style roof

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United Kingdom

This tightly tapered grass thatch is designed to look exactly like a hand-trimmed European Cottage roof.

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Hawaii and South Pacific Islands

A wide blade grass that is designed to look like the Hawaiian Pili Grass or Alang Alang grass thatch.

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The wide and naturally feathered palm leaf appearance of this thatch shingle is designed to re-create the look and feel of natural palm leaf thatching.

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Custom Thatch Blends

Regions Eco Series

Our product allows for a broad range of flexibility to create custom colors and thatch styles—if you dream it, we can create it.

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