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Most contractors consider Endureed synthetic thatch the best synthetic thatch in the world. We’re grateful when these compliments are left for us in reviews, of course. Why do contractors love our products so much? That’s easy: Results from independent testing agencies consistently prove that our products are superior. Still, there are several factors that make our products superior to many other similar products on the market.

First of all, our synthetic thatch is 100-percent rain-proof, snow-proof, and mildew-proof. Endureed synthetic thatch will not rot or retain moisture.  Pests love making homes in natural thatch, but they also sometimes affect some synthetic thatch. Our synthetic thatch is impervious to pests.  Our flame-retardant material earned a Class A fire rating in the United States. It performs outperforms all other synthetic thatch in fire tests. In the UK, our products come with a AA fire rating.  Also, our products are able to resist very high winds that accompany even strong hurricanes. It’s important to note that we use a patented, stainless steal crimp binding that other manufacturers don’t. All Endureed products are designed to have the look and feel of traditional thatch roofing without any of the hassle.

We genuinely feel that no competitor has been able to match our products in quality, beauty and durability. We have been making synthetic thatch for the last two decades and our first roofs still look and function great. Since we began in the late 1990s, no other thatch roof manufacturer has outperformed ours in quality and durability tests.


I have an interesting story about the Endureed thatch. My son and I worked all day to install it on our Tiki Hut in our tropical gardens. The next day a tornado blew right threw our property. It downed 20 trees on our lot and our neighbor lost over 60 trees. Not a single shingle on the Tiki Hut was gone!” -Shane B.

“You’ll be pleased to know that your roof product held up in the face of 140 mph winds” -David and Judy B

“Passed burn test, only one out of 8 products! Plus it is by far the most convincing product of the lot. Now do we buy direct from you?” -Mike (Architect in Maui, Hawaii)



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