Many roofing companies now use aerial photography maps to locate potential clients and give fairly accurate quotes without having to travel to the site. Instant access to aerial photography lets roofers scan residential and commercial properties for prospective work. This helps roofers reach out to customers before those same property owners reach out to another roofing company. Also, when a customer calls to request an estimate, aerial photography helps the roofer secure the contract. Using this technology, roofers measure the roof using technology calculating height, length and width, the quote is available quickly, lowering the risks that the customer will go elsewhere.

Roofers use aerial maps to inspect properties and judge changes and deterioration over time by using historical captures. Aerial photography offers advantages over the satellite images still used by their competitors. Satellite images often lag in recency and resolution. Aerials offer high resolution images. One pixel on the camera equals less than three inches on earth.

Aerial photographs captured by a fleet of planes gives roofers access to images updated sometimes multiple times a year. Roofers are able to use the images on the cloud to measure, pan, zoom and see the roof from a a variety of angles in minutes. They’re even able to located access points, HVAC equipment locations and more.

This technology leads to faster quotes, time savings, transportation savings, better service and the ability to win more contracts.


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