What Is The Purpose Of A Rake Board On A Roof?


Wondering what the purpose of a rake board is? Well, first, let’s talk about the roof’s rake. Have you ever heard of a rake on a roof? To start, the rake isn’t exactly on the roof. It’s actually the sloped sides of a gable end. Sometimes, you’ll see flat rakes with no overhang. Sometimes it will stick out like an eave. When they stick out, the rake is either closed in with a soffit and fascia or the rake is left open, like you sometimes see on sheds or cottages.

Purpose of a Rake Board

A rake board covers the top edge of siding or it covers the soffit if there is an overhang on the end of the gable. The purpose of the rake board is simply to prevent rain from running behind the siding or to cover the top edge of brick if it’s a brick home. These boards vary in size. For example, a large 1×4 or 1×6 rake board works when there isn’t an eave extending out to an overhang on the gable end. The object here would be for the top edge of the rake board to rest against the roof decking. The bottom edge would cover the top layer of brick or the top of the siding.


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