If you have an outdoor cabana or gazebo, you probably intend to enjoy the outdoors. That means repelling mosquitoes. Yet, not everyone is comfortable with commercial mosquito control methods. So, here’s how to naturally repel mosquitoes from an outdoor cabana or gazebo area. If you chose an Endureed synthetic thatch roofing system, you’re already at an advantage. See, mosquitoes and other insects don’t love nesting in synthetic thatch like they enjoy natural thatched roofs. Our roofs don’t need time after a storm to dry out on the top layers. Our roofs might look like natural thatch, but they’re actually environmentally-friendly, synthetic thatch.

Still, the real issue with mosquitoes? Your yard. I’ve actually used a product made almost exclusively from garlic extract. Mosquito Barrier naturally repels mosquitoes for around three weeks after one application. It’s not expensive. It employs mosquitoes natural loathing of garlic. If you’re planning an evening event in your cabana or gazebo, try to use this product at least the day before. It does smell like garlic for a few hours after you first apply it. So doing it in advance means your yard won’t smell like Italian dressing for your gathering. Find the product online here.

Keep in mind, Mosquito Barrier didn’t ask me to promote it. There are probably many other similar products that work just as well. I’ve personally used this garlic spray to repel mosquitoes from a heavily infested area for an entire summer. This is just a friendly tip. Endureed wants you to fully enjoy its environmentally-friendly, synthetic thatched roofs. And let’s face it, it’s hard to enjoy anything when you’re getting pestered by these bugs.


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