roof replacement

Sometimes roofing projects demand immediate attention. Usually though, thoughtful planning saves time and money on roof replacements. Keep in mind, just because you may be ready in two weeks to pay for a roof replacement, doesn’t mean your contractor has the availability. Planning ahead, ensures you get your pick of contractors in your price range. If you need a roof replacement in two weeks, expect to pay contractors for extra crew and even overtime.

Consider timing your roof replacement at the same time as other projects. Sometimes, contractors can give you better rates if you have multiple projects for them at the same time. If your roof replacement is on a commercial building or other more public building, consider when you can afford to close temporarily to save money. Some contractors offer better rates on unoccupied buildings. Obviously, there are more considerations when people are walking beneath their work space.

Leave yourself and your contractor enough time to assess the structure of the roof, create plans, price materials, create a bid or quote, and pull a permit for the job. All of these things take time, so early prep work helps the whole project run more smoothly.


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