Viva palm for thatch umbrella

Want to learn how to install a thatch umbrella using Endureed’s synthetic roofing product from our Viva series? Endureed is the original synthetic thatch roofing solution. Our products last decades and comes with an incredible 20-year warranty! The warranty guarantees against rot, decay, color degradation, and delamination! So, our products are extremely cost effective.

Also, DIY enthusiasts prefer Viva series products. Viva palm perfectly replicates thatch from those coveted thatch umbrellas. See, even world-class, five-star resorts often use our synthetic palm thatch. Yet, they are easy to install as a do-it-yourself project!

For A Perfect Umbrella, Start With Viva

Viva roofing products withstand long-term UV exposure, fire and storms. See, we make this synthetic palm thatch from a high-grade HDPE compound. Plus, our Viva products can actually pass local fire department burn tests. Meanwhile, some other products with the U.S. Class A fire rating can’t actually pass some local burn tests. With no netting, the Viva products have passed ASTM D3161 100 mph wind tests. Plus, we make the Viva Series products 100% recyclable and with 40% recycled material. Also, this product will look like genuine palm thatching!

Watch this YouTube video and see just how easy it is to install a thatch umbrella using a product from our Viva series.

Author: Endureed