Viva Series

Palm Thatch From the Endureed Viva Series

Ideal for backyard tiki huts and world-class, five-star resorts, palm thatch from the Endureed Viva Series is designed to withstand long-term UV exposure, fire and the rigors of inclement weather.

The beautiful synthetic palm thatch in the Viva Series can be used in any location, on any type of building. Versatile and simple, this attractive thatch is proudly made in the U.S.A.





Performance Advantages

  • Ease of installation
  • 100% rain, snow and mildew proof
  • Impervious to insects, birds and pests
  • Inherently fire retardant
  • Wind resistance up to 110 mph, Category 3 hurricane
  • Easy DIY installation, similar to asphalt shingles
  • 100% recyclable, 40% recycled materials available
  • Shortest lead times in industry

Quality/Durability Advantages

  • 20-year warranty against rot, decay, delamination, color fade and UV degradation
  • High-grade HDPE compound
  • U.S. Class A fire rating
  • Passes local fire department burn tests
  • Passed ASTM D3161 100 mph wind with no netting required
  • U.S. based manufacturing

Aesthetic Advantages

  • Amazing, life-like cutting patterns and base resins ensure true color, shape and texture
  • Variable assembly recreates nature’s subleties and beauty
  • Original appearance is guaranteed for 20 years
  • No color pattern repeat

specify endureed Viva Series

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Eave Types

Island Eaves


System Details

Deck with waterproofing or open frame construction.

Roofing Configurations

  • 4/12 + roof pitch

valley shed hip gable cone compound-curve

Weight and Usage

  • Exposure – 7.5”
  • Sf/pc – 1.770
  • Height – 27”
  • Length – 36”
  • Pc / box – 50
  • Nails per – pc 7
  • Waste – 10%
  • Sft / box – 88.54
  • Sqm / box – 8.21
  • Wgt / box – 65 lbs

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how do i buy?

The Regions Series is made in the USA and sold worldwide, direct from our U.S. office. No middlemen. No minimum requirements. With costs comparable to high-end roofing products, we typically price by the project.