The Henley Standard reported on a fire in a thatched roof on part of a large timber-framed Victorian property in the United Kingdom. Firefighters pumped water from the River Thames. The fire destroyed the roof and the upper floor of the home. This happened even though thatched roofs must have flame retardant treatments for fire code compliance.

Thatched Roof Historic Home Partially Saved

Incident commander Darran Hookway told The Henley Standard that the roof was totally alight and that crews had to work through the night under demanding conditions. Much of the house was saved thanks to fire crews, but the natural thatched part of the house was completely involved.

Last year, the house was purchased for £2.83 million. The house, once owned by explorer Charles Gardiner and later by Frederick Shoolbred, was tended to by seven different fire crews from two separate counties.

Recently, we explained that a fire commander (after just battling a separate thatched roof fire) said that thatch fires are “notoriously difficult” to gain control of.

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