DIY Thatch Roof

One of our frequently asked questions is, “Is Endureed a DIY Synthetic thatch option, or do I have to hire a contractor?” Look, we’re not going to claim that absolutely everyone can install their own synthetic thatch roof using our products. The truth is, not everyone has access to the needed tools to install our roofing products. Also, not everyone is going to have the know-how for a Do-It-Yourself roofing project.

Still, if you can shingle a roof, you can probably install our products on your roof as well. Hiring a contractor to install your synthetic thatch roofing products from Endureed isn’t always required.

DIY Synthetic Thatch Roof Installation

Many people assume that they will even have to hire a special roofing contractor just to have our roofing products installed. The truth is, most roofing contractors can handle installing our products. DIY enthusiasts generally know their own limits. Many people have used our synthetic thatch roofing product as part of their DIY project. This includes installing a roof on an accessory building as well as on a home.

Chances are, if you were planning on installing shingling to your roof, you can probably handle installing one of our beautiful thatch roofing products to your roof too. Installation is pretty straightforward. We have videos on our YouTube channel that you can check out though. Take a look. See what you think. Then, depending on how confident you feel, either call us yourself or have your contractor call us for more information

Author: Endureed