TikiTops® Umbrella Kit

The TikiTops® 9-foot Tropical Umbrella is a robust commercial-grade thatch umbrella intended for permanent installation. Engineered to endure harsh environmental conditions with minimal upkeep, this umbrella boasts a thatched covering made of fire-resistant VIVA® palm thatch. Its frame system is constructed using high-quality cypress wood and precision-engineered, powder-coated steel components.

TikiTops® Umbrella Kit
TikiTops® Umbrella Kit
TikiTops® Umbrella Kit
Viva Pam on ocean coast

TikiTops® Umbrella Kit Features

20-Year thatch warranty

Manufactured in the USA

Fire-resistant thatch

Hurricane-proof thatch

Low maintenance

Fast & easy installation

Life-like texture and color

Patent-pending design

Where Engineered Thatch Meets Cool Coverage

The Endureed TikiTops® Umbrella Kit is designed with versatility and elegance in mind, making it an excellent addition to resorts, hotels, beaches, restaurants, and home environments like pools and decks. This product stands out for its ease of assembly and a patent-pending design that perfectly blends functionality and aesthetic appeal. The umbrella’s impressive 9′ span provides ample, luxurious shade, ideal for creating inviting outdoor spaces where guests and families can comfortably gather.

Crafted for durability, the TikiTops® Umbrella features a VIVA® palm roof that is resistant to wind, fire, UV, and rot. It is designed for permanent installation to ensure long-lasting enhancement of any outdoor venue. Its ability to pack flat for easy shipping guarantees that adding a touch of sophistication to your space is effortless, regardless of your location.

Endureed’s commitment to providing products that combine beauty with resilience is embodied in the TikiTops® Umbrella Kit. It’s not just an umbrella—it’s a permanent fixture that promises to transform and elevate outdoor spaces, making them more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. The TikiTops® Umbrella is crafted to offer enduring service and style, whether for a business or home setting.

Product Information


Width: 108 in / 274 cm

Height: 110 in / 279 cm

Weight: 150 lbs / 100 kg


New Palm

Weathered Palm


1. Composite Table (3 colors)

2. Solar Light Kit

3. Surface Post Mount Kit


Box 1 – Frame Kit and Hardware

Box 2 – VIVA®️ thatch

Box 3 -Top Cone and Accessories


Our products have been scrutinized and subsequently recognized by rigorous testing and have received the Florida Product Approval rating. Florida Product Approval #FL21047


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worry free

Check Mark

We’ve got you covered with our 20-year warranty

Snow Flake

Withstands the elements without breaking down


Made from class A fire resistant materials


Can withstand category 5 hurricane winds


While a natural thatch roof may cost you less initially, an Endureed roof is a quality long-term investment. Endureed delivers the beauty of natural thatch without the natural problems or additional annual costs of a natural thatch roof so you can save time and money with a maintenance and worry-free roof.

The cost of an Endureed thatch roof varies based on your project size, location and other factors. Contact a thatch expert today to get a customized estimate for your project.

Endureed products can be used on all project types and sizes. Endureed has been used on everything from world-class resorts to residential homes and everything in between.

Endureed will provide decades of maintenance free roofing with a 20 year guarantee. A patented formula protects your roof against rotting, decay, color fading and the inclements of extreme weather conditions.