A heavy reed texture and stunning color blend make Kilimanjaro the perfect material for replicating a traditional weathered, African cape reed roof.

made from fireproof materials

withstand category 5 hurricane winds

made in the usa

minimal lead time

specify endureed Kilimanjaro

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Eave Types

  • Eavewadd

System Details

Recommended installation over substrate with soprema waterproofing membrane with stainless steel ringshank nails.

Roofing Configurations

  • All sloped roofs
  • 2/12+ roof pitch

valley shed hip gable cone compound-curve

Weight and Usage


  • EXPOSURE – 5″
  • SF/PC – 1.458
  • HEIGHT – 10-13″
  • LENGTH – 3.5′
  • PCS/BOX – 18
  • # HOLES – 5
  • WASTE % – 10
  • SFT/ BOX – 26.244
  • SQM/ BOX – 2.439033457
  • WGT/ BOX – 58lbs
  • BOX/PALLET – 20
  • BOX DIMENSIONS – 22x45x6″
  • WEIGHT/PALLET – 1280
  • PALLET DIMENSIONS – 45x45x60

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The Regions Series is made in the USA and sold worldwide, direct from our U.S. office. No middlemen. No minimum requirements. With costs comparable to high-end roofing products, we typically price by the project.