Synthetic thatch fire tests comparison video

When you choose natural thatch for your roofing project, you might have to forgo the wood burner. This is unfortunate, because people who love the look of a thatched roof often also appreciate wood burners. Still, natural thatch installers generally recommend that their clients check with their insurance company before installing a wood burner.

Wood burners used in or near structures with thatched roofs sometimes bring increased insurance costs. You may find the building hard to insure at all. It’s important to double check with the insurance company to make sure that a natural thatch roof coupled with a wood burner is even insurable.

People with natural thatch also have to be careful to check the suitability of their chimney. They are usually told to contact a specialist to make sure that the wood burner is the right size. They are told to invest in an insulating chimney liner. The chimney pointing must be checked. Regular maintenance must be performed. Chimneys must be well swept. It’s all kind of a hassle.

Endureed Synthetic Thatch Is More Suitable Near Wood Burners

Just this year, The Telegraph reported that thatched roof homeowners should avoid wood burners.

“A report this week revealed at least 450 serious chimney-related fires in such homes were said to be triggered by the burners since 2008 – the equivalent of one family a week being made temporarily homeless.

“Sales of the stoves, ranging from £400 to £7,000, have soared in the past decade but Marjorie Sanders, President of the National Society of Master Thatchers, warns against buyers living in the UK’s 60,0000 thatched properties from lighting them.”

Of course, this risk does not extend to Endureed’s synthetic thatch roofs. Just because our products look like natural thatch doesn’t mean they burn like them. Endureed has a Class A fire rating. Plus they outperform other artificial thatch products on the market. See how our original synthetic thatch roofing solution performs in a fire test in the video below.

Author: Endureed