Imitation Thatch Roof - Endureed Synthetic Thatch Roofing

An imitation thatch roof is a synthetic thatch that doesn’t rot, shed, decay or mold like natural thatch does. By choosing synthetic thatch, the roofing materials on your commercial building will last twice as long while maintaining a natural appearance. Synthetic thatch is recyclable and pest-resistant. An imitation thatch roof can last decades–far longer than a natural thatch roof can.

If you choose synthetic thatch for your commercial buildings, maintenance is simple. Also, most imitation thatch is designed to endure high wind speeds; some can even withstand hurricane winds. While many types of imitation thatch exist, the best has a Class A Fire Rating. That’s particularly useful if you need synthetic thatch for a resort, restaurant, or tiki hut.

Why Not Natural Thatch?

Natural thatch offers a natural habitat for birds, pests and rodents. To prevent infestation and enjoy low-maintenance durability, many resort owners, restaurateurs, and others choose synthetic thatch. Most imitation thatch is made from nontoxic polypropylene and high-density polyethylene, which are recyclable and bring no harm to the environment.

Are You Considering a Thatched Roof?

We’d love to show you how Endureed can provide you with the imitation thatch roofing materials you need to create a beautiful aesthetic your guests will love.

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