authentic color synthetic thatch

Endureed’s synthetic thatch roofing material outperforms many other roofing systems when it comes to retaining its original color. Our synthetic thatch has been time-tested. The color will not fade, at least for decades to come. We put great effort into making the most authentic looking synthetic thatch. We realize that authentic color is something of critical importance to our customers.

Authentic Color Design

We made sure that the original colors in our synthetic thatch reflect the beautiful colors of natural thatch at its most beautiful. When designing the most authentic-looking artificial thatch, we made sure to match the natural colors found in specific grasses and reeds traditionally used in thatched roofing. We also knew that it was crucial that the color could stand the test of time.

Authentic Color That Lasts

Now, decades into this, we can say that our colorfast goal is realized. Our roofs put in over twenty years ago still hold their authentic colors. It’s one thing to simply guarantee that the color would not fade. We did that.

We offer a 20-year warranty against rot, decay, delamination, color-fade, and UV degradation. Our products underwent 4,000-hour accelerated UV tests.  We are confident that our products’ authentic color will persist.

But there’s more.

Because we have been in business for so long, we can do more than offer a warranty though. We can say through experience that our colors have also been time-tested. We have seen many Endureed roofs that were installed decades ago. They still hold their beautiful, authentic color.



Author: Endureed