European thatch roof cottage at Disney.

Endureed’s Regions Series has several roofing styles designed to replicate beautiful thatch from specific regions across the globe. With the Somerset roof, Endureed manages to duplicate the tapered, slightly weathered appearance of European thatched roofs.

Endureed’s Somerset synthetic thatch roof was designed to use with Endureed’s patented eave wadd. The result is a perfect, durable replica of a European cottage roof. Endureed uses only the highest quality of roofing material, and it has not gone unnoticed by hotels, resorts and other businesses.

Endureed’s Somerset synthetic thatch looks and feels like natural European thatching, but it also resists flames without additional flame retardant application and resists pests without maintenance. Centuries-old documentation exists in archives and publications that detail the efforts of master thatchers’ roofing and repair methods. While thatching and re-thatching techniques have been handed down from generation to generation among master thatchers in Europe, contractors who choose Endureed’s Somerset synthetic thatch roofs have an advantage. Their roofs will continue looking beautiful for decades with no maintenance.


Whether you’re operating a resort in the tropics or you have a rental shack on the beach, a synthetic thatch roof might be perfect for you.

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