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Plastic thatch roofing is ideal for tropical resorts. It has the look of classic thatch roofing, but it doesn’t bring the disadvantages traditional thatch does.

A classically thatched roof is prone to fire, pest infestation, and a short lifespan–but the synthetic fibers of a plastic thatch roof eliminate these issues. On top of that, plastic thatch is an incredibly versatile and durable material.

A Word on Plastic Thatching

Thatching is one of the oldest roofing techniques in the world, and it really adds authenticity and charm to resorts. Synthetic thatching is a prime alternative to the use of traditional materials; it is well-designed and efficient, offering the desired image without compromising the safety and modernity of the structure.

The materials are rugged and made to withstand adverse weather conditions, fire, and pest infestation. What makes plastic thatch more appealing is the fact that it needs very little maintenance compared to traditional thatching. Roofs finished with plastic thatching are an excellent choice for a rustic, genuinely “local” look.

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