Infographic: Thatch Roofing Cost Comparison

cost of synthetic thatch roof


Endureed offers the most durable, aesthetically pleasing synthetic thatch roofing product on the market today. Designers, business owners and homeowners are often shocked to learn that high-quality synthetic thatch roofs are more economical than even natural thatched roofs.

Our products offer every advantage over natural thatching with none of the disadvantages. Natural thatching can’t even beat out our products in a cost comparison. Actually, Endureed synthetic thatch roofs become less expensive than natural thatch a few years after installation.

The exact number of years that it will take Endureed’s products to begin saving money can vary slightly. Most often, our roofing system will save building owners money in under five years. That’s a prompt turn around on your investment. Endureed synthetic thatch roofing materials save time and money, because they are maintenance-free. Meanwhile, natural thatched roofs are maintenance-intensive.

Cost Comparison Of Actual Amusement Park In St. Louis

Nashville Zoo

Consider that a 6,100 square foot thatched roofing project at an amusement park in St. Louis cost well over a whopping $200,000 within just eight years following the installation. Endureed’s eight year projected cost for the same roof would have been under $100,000. Remember, Endureed synthetic thatch is maintenance-free. After two decades, our thatch roof could have saved the owner about $350,000 and many headaches.

Natural thatched roofs require re-thatching, pest control, flame retardant application, and regular patching. Meanwhile, ours don’t. It’s true that natural thatched roofs are gorgeous, but ours look exactly like real thatch.

Avoid Devaluation On Your Capital Investment

Plus, don’t forget that this year, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made it so that business owners can deduct the cost of a roof all in one single year. Now, you can avoid devaluation on certain capital investments, including the purchase of a new roof. Learn more about how you can recoup your original investment even faster on this earlier blog post.

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