Hurricane Ophelia intensified as it moved toward Ireland. Saturday, it became a Category 3 hurricane. Endureed knows the importance of strong roofing materials in severe weather. We also know that Ireland is still home to some of the most beautiful natural thatched roofs. Any damage to thatched roofs in that area is a historic loss.

Why would we be concerned about damage to natural thatching? After all, we manufacture synthetic thatch roof products. We do care though. See, natural thatch in that area was the inspiration for our Somerset roofs. Somerset roofs are part of our Regions series. Endureed worked hard to make our synthetic thatching look just like English and Irish thatching, because we think it’s so beautiful. We just know that issues like mold, pests and strong winds were a problem for people. Our roofs don’t have those issues.

Our Thoughts Go Out To Those Enduring Hurricane Ophelia

Of course, our thoughts are mostly focused on the welfare of the families and businesses in the region. Ophelia is the first major storm to hit the area this year. When Ophelia reached a Category 3 status, it became the strongest recorded hurricane in that area of the Atlantic Ocean.

Still, we are also concerned about the natural thatched roofs. They were our inspiration, and they are at risk. See, over a decade ago, The New York Times reported that Ireland’s traditional thatched roofs already faced extinction.  The article warned that with the decline of professional thatchers, the remaining roofs would rapidly fall apart. Natural thatching requires regular maintenance and sometimes emergency maintenance. It is our sincerest hope that the inspirations for our Somerset roofs endure in the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia.

Author: Endureed