Hurricane Nate roof damage

Hurricane Nate offers us a reminder about the importance of durable roofing materials. Hurricane Nate made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River Saturday. Then, Hurricane Nate hit the Biloxi, Mississippi area early Sunday morning, still a Category 1 hurricane. Soon, it became Tropical Depression Nate, accompanied by strong rain and tornadoes.

In South Carolina, the Liberty Fire Department reported that several houses on Liberty Highway experienced extreme roof damage. Strong storms of any kind generally leave damage to roofs, especially when less durable material is used. Nate shows us the importance of durable roofing material.

Endureed Thatch: Your Best Bet In Storms Like Hurricane Nate

Endureed uses extremely durable material that can withstand winds from storms much stronger than Hurricane Nate. Our products survived hurricanes and tornadoes, even to the consumers’ surprise. One customer wrote to us in the wake of Hurricane Charley with outstanding news.

“I am writing to say that ever since we heard Hurricane Charley was going to hit Sanibel you have been on our mind. We braced for the worst knowing nothing can be done and hoped for the best. The entire structure was put to the test including your roof. You’ll be pleased to know that your roof product held up in the face of 140 mph winds.”

If you have an Endureed synthetic thatch roof that survived Hurricane Nate or another hurricane, tweet us a picture today!

Author: Endureed