poolside resort thatch roofing material caught in large fire

Flame-Resistant Roofing: Premium Engineered Thatch

A flame-resistant roofing system is critical for protecting your business or commercial property from the destructive and dangerous effects of a fire. More and more hotels, resorts, and other large-scale commercial developments are ensuring that new projects as well as older buildings are being built and updated with the finest flame-resistant roofing materials. 

The roof is one of the main areas through which fire can rapidly spread, posing structural risks to nearby buildings and health risks for patrons within. Fortunately, having a roof that is more resistant to fire can significantly reduce the impact and potential dangers of a fire in the unfortunate event that one breaks out. Premium Engineered Thatch is the perfect choice for resorts and commercial buildings looking for the best possible protection with gorgeous aesthetic quality – let’s dive into all the details you should know about flame-resistant roofing. 

The Importance of a Flame-Resistant Roof

Most new commercial projects have some form of fire resistance built into their design. Why? Because it is one of the best ways to ensure that the significant capital investment made into buildings such as hotels, restaurants, and resort infrastructure is protected against one of the most common yet most destructive risks. Fire-resistant materials will not only preserve a business’s investment in the worst-case scenario, preventing serious damage and containing any fire from spreading to other buildings, but it will also save lives.  

As a commercial business owner or manager, you are responsible for the safety of people on your property. While you cannot completely prevent fires from starting, whether they are from accidents, lightning strikes, or something else, you can provide customers with the best protection possible. Limiting how much and how fast a fire will spread is therefore absolutely critical to maintaining the safest environment for guests. 

What is Considered Flame-Resistant? 

Fire safety is evaluated across many different variables including ignition temperature, smoke toxicity, and flame spread. These factors are measured across all different building materials and thereby included in a fire classification or fire rating. 

While fire safety regulations and certification will vary depending upon the region or country you operate in, one of the most common fire safety tests for building materials is the Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Roof Coverings (UL 790). It classifies materials into A, B, and C categories based on their resilience to flame spread. Class A is achieved when a material can: 

  • Experience maximum flame spread of 6 feet
  • Withstand a burning brand measuring 12″ x 12″ and weighing 2,000 grams
  • Resist 15 cycles of a gas flame turned on and off

A similar standardized testing method called ASTM E108 uses the following categories: 

  • Class A: Roof coverings that can withstand extreme fire and wind conditions without failing or collapsing.
  • Class B: Roof coverings that can withstand moderate fire and wind conditions.
  • Class C: Roof coverings can withstand light fire and wind conditions.

Class A fire-resistant materials should, therefore, be nearly non-combustible and withstand extreme temperatures. The resistance of a roof to fire is based on how well the roof prevents fire from penetrating its structure and spreading through it from the outside. The longer a roof prevents a fire from entering the building and the more slowly it spreads, the more time people have to evacuate the building and the fire department has to respond and get the fire under control. Ultimately, the more fire-resistant your roof is, the less chance of human harm and the less damage there is likely to be to the building.

Fire-Resistance Considerations

There are a few considerations to make when investing in fire-resistant roofing materials. First and foremost, you should be investing in a product that is considered to be a Class-A fire-resistant material in order to ensure that you’re getting the best possible protections for your property. While other materials may be less expensive and hold a B or C-class rating, they will only end up costing you much more money down the road should a fire occur and cause significant, incalculable damage. 

Secondly, you should pair your quality fire-resistant roofing materials with proper installation techniques. Be sure that the roof is properly installed and sealed, with no gaps or areas where embers can enter. It is also wise to keep the roof and gutters free of debris, which can increase the risk of fire, and consider adding fire-resistant underlayment, which can provide an additional layer of protection.

Finally, it is well worth considering the aesthetic quality of different fire-resistant materials. Some, like metal for example, may not match the overall appearance or theme of your commercial development. However, there are others such as Premium Engineered Thatch with fire-proof utility matched by an incredible aesthetic beauty. 

The Best Option: Premium Engineered Thatch

Flame-Resistant Roofing: Premium Engineered Thatch 1

At Endureed, we have created a unique roofing material that is made completely of Class-A fire-resistant materials. See for yourself by watching our fire-test video! Engineered thatch retains the beauty and aesthetic charm of natural thatch, but it is created using a proprietary blend of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is 100% recyclable and incredibly durable, making it environmentally friendly with resilience rivaling the strongest building materials available in the industry. This resilience makes engineered thatch fully fire and hurricane-resistant (capable of withstanding category 5 hurricane winds), and it is backed by a 20-year warranty, speaking to its impressive longevity. 

Premium Engineered Thatch is truly one of the safest thatch roofing materials available for commercial developments, guaranteed to last for peace of mind and to ensure a smart long-term investment. However, it is also known for being perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing roofing material available and perfectly matches resort themes and designs all around the world. Take a look for yourself at its variety of different regional aesthetics, such as Cape Town, Kilimanjaro, Somerset, Kona, and Bali

Endureed’s Premium Engineered Thatch is undoubtedly the best fire-resistant roofing material for hotels, restaurants, resorts, zoos, and other commercial buildings. It outmatches the fire safety of traditional building materials such as wooden shingles and natural thatch and is far more versatile due to its lightweight design compared to metal or tile. Furthermore, its beautiful aesthetic charm is unique and cannot be found anywhere else, giving this Class-A fire-resistant material an unbeatable case as the roofing material for your next development. 
Ready to dive into the world of Premium Engineered Thatch? Reach out to our team today to learn more about why Endureed is your roofing partner.