Are you looking for the perfect thatch roof for your next project? If you’re weighing your options between a synthetic and a natural thatch roof, consider the benefits of using Endureed thatch. Endureed provides durable, authentic and worry-free thatch roofing so you can have a thatched roof you are proud of. Here are four reasons why you should choose Endureed for your next project.

You don’t have to worry about the risk of fire

Fire is a major concern when it comes to natural thatch roofs. The materials that comprise a natural thatch roof are easily flammable and require a chemical flame retardant application every two years in order to reduce the risk of fire. Even with a flame retardant, natural thatch is still a fire hazard and often leads to hefty insurance premiums as it exposes you to safety risks.

Endureed products are made from Class A fire resistant materials and are non-flammable so you don’t have to worry about the risk of fire. Endureed is the only Class A fire rated product that meets fire safety guidelines. Whether your business is required to meet fire safety codes or you want peace of mind that your roof is safe, Endureed products are manufactured with safety features in mind. 

You’ll get a high-quality and authentic thatch roof

Endureed captures the beauty of natural thatch without the natural problems so you can have a durable and authentic roof with the quality you deserve. Endureed products are 100% rain, snow, hail and rot proof. They are also Florida Product Approved with a wind rating up to 200 mph. With Endureed products, your roof will look the same and retain its color for decades because they are UV resistant. Plus, you don’t have to worry about mold, deterioration or pesky infestations, unlike natural thatch.

Endureed products also come with a 20-year warranty and are maintenance-free, which means you don’t have to replace your roof every eight years like you would with natural thatch. Endureed lasts longer than natural thatch because it was designed with durability in mind.

You’ll save time and money

While a natural thatch roof may cost you less initially, an Endureed roof is a quality long-term investment that will save you both time and money.  Endureed products are easy to install and most roofing contractors and Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts can install an Endureed roof. Endureed takes about 50% less time to install compared to a natural thatch roof. Check out our installation videos to see how both our Regions and VIVA Palm products are installed.

You will also avoid the annual costs associated with a natural thatch roof including rethatching, pest control, flame retardant application and regular patching. Best of all, you will get a return on your initial investment within a few years of installation.

Your roof will be environmentally friendly

Did you know Endureed is a part of the green building movement? Endureed is an eco-friendly thatch that supports LEED Certification. Endureed products are made from recycled materials and help reduce waste because of their longevity and durability. Endureed’s PVC and HDPE formulas do not degrade which means they won’t cause toxic run off, unlike chemically-treated natural thatch. Endureed roofing materials are also 100% recyclable. When you choose Endureed, you don’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint. Endureed is committed to sustainability which makes it a great option for environmentally friendly thatch roofing. 

Are you ready to choose Endureed?

Endureed offers durable, authentic and worry-free synthetic thatch roofing materials so you can get the roof you deserve without the stress of natural thatch. When deciding on a thatch roof for your next project, remember the four benefits of using Endureed vs. natural thatch:

  • Fire resistance
  • Luxury and quality
  • Installation and cost savings
  • Environmental impact

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