synthetic thatch pavilions

Synthetic thatch roofs are perfect for commercial pavilions. The thatched roof pavilion never fades from popularity, because it sets a relaxing tone. It calls to our inner natural sides. Resorts, zoos and beaches with thatch-topped pavilions offer a visual escape.

Eco-friendly Option

Some contractors forget to mention that synthetic thatch is an eco-friendly option. While natural thatch easily biodegrades, our synthetic thatch material is completely recyclable. Though, with its enduring lifespan, it’s unlikely you’ll want to remove and recycle our thatched roofs.

Still, natural thatch isn’t as eco-friendly as it has been for thousands of years. For centuries, thatch for roofing went hand in hand with agricultural uses. Yet, the invention of the combine broke that relationship apart. Now, roofing thatch is usually grown separate from food crop fields. This demand increases fertilizer and pesticide use. These days, the demand has caused thatch farmers to turn to fertilizers to meet demand. The runoff risks neighboring bodies of water.

It’s Not Too Late To Choose Thatch

Even if you chose a different material for your commercial pavilion, you can still have the the structure your customers desire! It’s easy to apply synthetic thatch on a previously shingled structure. Not only will your customers love sitting under a thatch roofed pavilion, they are also fire resistant, pest resistant and durable! Our synthetic thatch is 100-percent rain-proof, snow-proof, and mildew-proof. Our synthetic thatch will not rot or retain moisture from precipitation.

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Author: Endureed