Endureed Synthetic Thatch vs. Natural Thatch

Too many people think that a high quality synthetic thatch roof like those produced by Endureed are more expensive than natural thatched roofs. This is not actually not true.

Endureed synthetic thatch roofs become less expensive than natural thatch a few years after installation, according to roofing costs cited in a comparison study.

Obviously, prices vary depending on the actual project, but Endureed’s products generally save time and money in under five years. This is true because Endureed synthetic thatch roofing materials are maintenance-free. Meanwhile, natural thatched roofs are very maintenance-intensive.


Example Cost Comparison Of Actual Amusement Park In St. Louis

Consider that a 6,100 square foot thatched roofing project at an amusement park in St. Louis cost well over a whopping $200,000 within just eight years following the installation. Endureed’s eight year projected cost for the same roof would have been under $100,000. Remember, Endureed synthetic thatch is maintenance-free. After two decades, our thatch roof could have saved the owner about $350,000 and many headaches.

Natural thatched roofs require re-thatching, pest control, flame retardant application, and regular patching. Meanwhile, ours don’t. It’s true that natural thatched roofs are gorgeous, but ours look exactly like real thatch.

Plus, natural thatch’s color fades in the sun quickly. Ours doesn’t. See, just because you save money with a synthetic thatch roof from Endureed does not mean you sacrifice beauty. Our roofing material really doesn’t fade. Plus, our synthetic thatch looks and feels like natural thatch!

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