If you choose a natural thatch roof, eventually, you’re going to have a re-thatching mess on your hands. Unless you are an experienced thatcher yourself, this won’t be a mess you have to personally handle, but you will have to endure it. Look at this image of a re-thatching project. Even for a master thatcher, the re-thatching process takes time. Natural thatch requires significant maintenance. Besides regular pest control and fireproofing, re-thatching and thatch repair is in your future, if you choose natural thatch for your roof.

Sure, when it’s all finished, natural thatch is beautiful. But, Endureed synthetic thatch looks just as good and requires no maintenance. Plus, you’ll completely avoid flame retardant applications and dealing with vermin and bugs hiding in your roof. Endureed thatch will work with your local fire code too. The fire department won’t stress at the mere thought of your house.

Look, Endureed is easier and in just a few year of maintenance-free enjoyment it even costs less than natural thatch. Plus, check out how realistic it looks:

Endureed premium, synthetic thatch roofs support US economy., require no netting.


Interested in roofing your home or even an entire resort with realistic, synthetic thatch? We’d love to help you choose the right product for your specific needs.

Check out our synthetic thatch roofing materials now. One is certainly right for you:

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