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Generally, we try to bring you helpful information in this blog, but today’s post is more like an excerpt out Roofing Bloopers, if there were such a thing. Recently, the news reported a major oops. Technology has been helping roofers become more profitable. We’ve mentioned technology that helps the roofing industry in previous blog posts. Here’s one instance where user error resulted in a moderately costly, albeit harmless mistake.

Roofers, like most of us, rely on GPS to find locations. GPS is an incredibly helpful tool. So, imagine the embarrassment when some roofers were busy removing the roof off a home, when the tenant that lived in the home informed them that they weren’t supposed to be there.

See, the tenant was at home and she heard banging on the roof. She called the landlord to see what was going on. Was she getting a new roof? The landlord had no idea why anyone would be working on the roof. As it turned out the roofers accidentally typed in the wrong address into their GPS, arrived at the location they believed they were supposed to remove a roof and got to work. Before long, they learned of the mistake. The roofing company has, obviously, promised to repair the roof they began to remove!

What would be your first thoughts if a team of roofers were up on your roof, only you had no idea why they were there?


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