A roof deck is the material between the structural components of the roof and the weatherproofing layer of the roof. So, you’ll find the roof deck between the trusses and joists and insulation and the coatings, underlayment, shingles, etc.. In other words, a roof deck is the flat layer of material that everything is placed on above the actual trusses and joists.

Many types of roof decks exist. For example, you’ll find wood, cement, steel and concrete decks. On residential buildings, roofers usually use plywood or groove wood for roof decks. On industrial buildings, roofers sometimes use cement, concrete or steel. It really depends on whether equipment like circulation pumps, air conditioners or other heavy items end up on the roof.   Obviously, a rooftop swimming pool needs much more than plywood for support. Sometimes roofs feature walking decks, so the material used beneath the weatherproofing materials needs to be extra strong to handle extra weight and traffic.


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