Kona synthetic thatch works best with an eave wadd, a built-up eave, or an island eave. This thatch, part of our Regions’ Series, has both wide leaf and smaller grass reeds. We designed Kona to replicate the Hawaiian Pili Grass and Asian Alang-Alang grass thatching. So, it’s is a unique blend. With Kona, our designers created a beautifully textured, thick, tropical thatching. If you want an authentic Pacific Islands thatched roof look, you don’t have to settle for sub-par natural grass. Even under ideal conditions, our eco-friendly, synthetic thatch roofing material outlasts natural pili grass and alang-alang thatching.

You can install this synthetic thatch on the following roof types: Valley, Shed, Hip, Gable, Cone, or Compound curve.


Kona synthetic thatch should be installed on any sloped roof that has a 2/12 (2:12) or greater roof pitch. So, for every 12 horizontal feet, the roof must drop at least two feet to install this synthetic thatch product. Still, it’s unlikely that your roof doesn’t fit this requirement. See, 2/12 is a  really low-pitched roof. Yet, if your roof is below this ratio, you’ll need to install a different type of roofing product.


First, use SOPREMA waterproofing membrane before you start. Also, use flashing on the overhang at the edge of the roof to make a nice drip edge. Make sure you check the weather! Be sure to comply with the low-temperature installation restrictions when installing the underlayment. Also check out this video showing the installation of our product using an island eave:


Kona is made to look like a thatching you’d find in Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands.  We’re happy to send you samples, provide free design consultations, or answer your questions. Contact Endureed today!