Will the roof on your home or business stand a fighting chance during hurricane season? The roof is perhaps the most important barrier against hurricanes. You must ensure that its ready for hurricane season.

Best Ways To Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

In order to make sure your roof is ready for the next big hurricane, most experts suggest shingles rated for winds up to 150 mph.  Florida, due to its vulnerability to hurricanes, passed a statewide building code in 2002 with new requirements. It requires buildings to have products rated for winds up to 111 mph. Plus, in homes in High Velocity Hurricane Zones like Miami-Dade, the requirement was raised to products rated for winds up to 130 mph. Endureed shingles are wind-rated for winds up to to 174 mph.

Kona-curved-eave-1Endureed shingles have a patented design, and our products have earned the  Florida Product Approval. They feature a patented, stainless steel crimp binding. Most experts prefer 6 nailed shingles rather than 4-nailed shingles if installing traditional shingles. For our shingles, use a minimum of three roofing nails through pre-punched holes in the unique binder strip to meet manufacturer’s technical specifications.

Endureed Regions products provide a synthetic roof finish 10-15mm thick that is laid over a weatherproof sub structure that is manufactured in the shape of a thatched roof. With normal shingles, you’ll want to double check that any loose shingles have been re-affixed to the roof well in advance of any storms. Our products shouldn’t require any annual maintenance. Endureed products have provided business owners and home owners decades of maintenance-free roofing. Endureed products feature a 20-year warranty and are proven to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Have your roof inspected if you’re uncertain of its ability to stand up to the strong winds that hurricane season brings. If the inspection shows that your roof is not hurricane-ready, it’s time to do repairs or even re-roof.

Considering Re-Roofing For Hurricane Mitigation? Consider Endureed Class 5 Hurricane Rated Shingles

Endureed products can be found at some of the largest theme parks and resorts in the world, including Disney World and Sea World. End users and contractors can purchase our hurricane-resistant products directly from us, avoiding the extra expense of reselling.

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