Do you own a ski resort or a lodge in the mountains? Consider an Endureed Somerset artificial thatch roof to weather winters with charm.

Endureed artificial thatch roofs perform extremely well in cold climates and during snowstorms. See, our artificial thatch roofing products have proven to perform well in severe weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, and even snowstorms.

Also, our artificial thatch comes with a 20-year warranty in all climates.

Our thatch can withstand the harsh winter winds and heavy snowfall of a nor’easter. Weather brought in by a nor’easter brings varied precipitation and sometimes even hurricane-strength wind gusts. Yet, Endureed has you covered!

Endureed products withstand the cold of the Siberian tundra and the snowfall in the Northern Alps. See, when we say that we designed our products for any climate, we even mean blustery climates that experience blizzards!

Also, our artificial thatch roofs are waterproof. So, even if snow quickly melts atop your roof, your structure remains protected.

Our roofs sit atop structures of resorts, zoos, theme parks, and owner-occupied buildings across the globe.


We’d be happy to show you how Endureed can provide you with the perfect synthetic thatch roofing for your needs. So, call us at 877-784-2824 or get in touch with us online to learn more. Don’t forget, our thatch roofing products will work in any climate!

Author: Endureed