Severe Hail Testing FMRC

Hail is a force of destruction. Let’s face it. When these ice beads beats down on a car, the damage is obvious. Dents all over. Yet, when it damages the roof of a structure, it’s not always obvious. Take shingles, for example. If a roof is subjected to a hail storm, what happens? Most asphalt shingles can’t protect a structure too well against severe hail, but it’s not obvious. Hail damage to shingles sometimes hides years! The visual evidence isn’t always there right away. Yet, hail causes costly damage to roofs every year.

By the time hail damage done to a roof is visible, many people don’t even know where the damage came from.

That’s why independent testing is available for roofing products. Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FMRC) offers testing to see how well products can stand up against this powerful force of nature.


Two FMRC certifications are available in this category:

  • Class 1 – SH (Severe Hail Resistance)
  • Class 2 – MH (Moderate Hail Resistance)

Thankfully, our products are FMRC severe hail resistance tested.


Whether you’re interested in roofing an indoor gazebo or an entire hotel, we’d love to help you choose the right product for the job.

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Author: Endureed