How Strong Are Category 3 Hurricanes And What Can They Do To Roofing?

3 Things to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before You Hire

Do you ever wonder what a Category 3 Hurricane like Ophelia actually is? What does the rating mean? The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane wind scale rates storms based on their wind speed. Hurricanes often are moved between categories as their wind speeds change. Category 1 hurricanes have wind speeds between 74 and 95 miles per hour. Even […]

What Makes Endureed The Best Synthetic Thatch In The World?

Endureed products have been called the best synthetic thatch in the world. We are grateful for such compliments, of course. We do also know that there really are several factors that set our products apart. First of all, our synthetic thatch is 100-percent rain-proof, snow-proof, and mildew-proof. Our synthetic thatch will not rot or retain […]